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6 days ago

Baltimore Police Identify Officers Who Shot Man With Knives

Baltimore Police Identify Officers Who Shot Man With Knives - ABC News

Baltimore police say neither of the two officers who shot a knife-wielding man had been involved in a shooting before.

Police on Saturday released the names of the officers who shot the man on Friday morning.

They are Officer Gary Brown, who's been with the department since 2000, and Officer Supreme plumbing services Jones, a 2-year department veteran. Both are on administrative leave.

Police dumpster for sale Commissioner Kevin Davis said Friday that the man who was shot had a knife in each hand and was threatening people. Davis said the man refused to drop the knives and that a stun gun had no effect on him. The man was taken to a hospital after he was shot. His condition was not immediately known.

Police have not revealed the race of the officers or the man who was shot.

2 weeks ago

Legal :: Labor Law Posters, It's the Law! (Page 2 of 2)

Notice to employees working on government contracts (Service Contracts Act) labor law poster; Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division oversee this labor law poster. Every contractor or subcontractor engaged in a contract with the United States or the District of Columbia in excess of $2,500 the principal purpose of which is to furnish services in the U.S. through the use of service employees must protect investors display this labor law poster.

Notice: employee polygraph protection act labor law poster; Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division oversee this labor law poster. Any employer engaged in or affecting commerce or in the production of goods for commerce must display this labor family law tv show law poster. Does not apply to federal, state and local governments, or to circumstances covered by the national defense and security exemption.

Notice migrant and seasonal agricultural worker protection act labor law poster; Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division oversee this labor law poster. Agricultural employers, agricultural associations and farm labor contractors must display this labor law posters.

Now is the time to think about updating your labor law posters to avoid fines and prevent lawsuits. Don't wait until you get fined get your mandatory labor law posters compliant today. One less thing you have to "get a round too". Don't mess with the law, Osha compliance, and state and federal labor law poster posting requirements are Mandatory, get your Labor law posters updated today. Keep in mind that your state may require additional labor law poster postings.

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2 weeks ago

Free and Reduced-Priced Legal Services for Low-Income Texans

State Bar Pro Bono Services

The State Bar of Texas website provides a listing of low-cost civil legal service providers in their Referral Directory for Low-Income Texans. In order to receive services from providers on this list you must meet the provider's eligibility requirements. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements of a reduced-cost legal service provider you can use the State Bar's Lawyer Referral Information Service. The referral service in not a pro bono or reduced cost program, however, you can get a thirty- minute consultation with an attorney for only $20.

Texas Access to Justice Foundation

The Texas Access to Justice Foundation (TAJF) provides funding to over 40 legal aid organizations across the state. TAJF was created by the Texas Supreme Court in the 80's in an effort to provide all Texans with equal access to justice, regardless of their income.

The organizations which receive funding provide low-income individuals with free or reduced cost legal assistance in a wide range of civil matter including family law issues, consumer protection, probate, and housing, to name a few. Although TAJF does not directly provide legal assistance, their website does have a complete list of the organization which received funding last year. You can use the list to find an organization that helps people in your particular situation. The site also has a list of useful links that offer legal assistance at the state and national level.

Lone Star Legal Aid

Lone Star Legal Aid (Lone Star) is one of 40 organizations which receives funding from TAJF (described above). Lone Star serves 72 Texas counties in east, southeast, and northeast Texas. The organization handles legal matters in the following practice areas: family law, welfare assistance, education, housing, healthcare, consumer protection, wills, civil rights, neighborhood disputes, employment, and juvenile issues. All clients must meet Lone Star's financial eligibility requirements, but doing so does not guarantee page representation since their funds are limited. If your application is turned down due to lack additional hints of funding, Lone Star will do its best to help you, even it means you only get limited advice or representation. At the very least they will be able to refer you to another free legal service provider.

Texas Law Help is a website where Texans can find information about a variety of civil legal matters. There is information about virtually every civil matter that could arise. Low-income individuals seeking free or reduced cost legal assistance can use the site to find local nonprofit legal service providers by simply entering their zip code. Locating offices in your area is a crucial step because in most cases, legal nonprofits provide services at the local level. This means that you must reside within an organization's jurisdiction or coverage area.

Texas Legal Services Center

The Texas Legal Services Center (TLSC) is a nonprofit that provides legal assistance and legal education to Texans through a series of public programs. TLSC currently has ten different programs, each of which has its own eligibility requirements. The programs include: Facility Victim Program, Health Law company website Project, Legal Hotline, Lawyer Referral Service, Texas Elder Exploitation Project, Texas Kincare Taskforce, South Central Pension Rights Project, VICARS for Crime Victims, and Veterans' Legal Assistance Project. These programs may be of assistance if your legal matter falls within the program's practice areas and if you meet the program eligibility requirements.

2 weeks ago

Men, Suicide, Divorce And Family Court

Some men are really better off shooting themselves and handing over their assets on their wedding day, or wealth extraction day (WED) as I fondly call it. At least then they could spare themselves and their children all the psychological pain and anguish of the divorce and family court process. No jail time either. This is how low modern marriage has become and how little respect or value our society places on fatherhood and husbands these days. It is funny how men are constantly reminded of how "unnecessary" and "obsolete" they are by women like Maureen Dowd and Hanna Rosin, but then when the bills come men are suddenly needed and useful to have around. Yeah real funny that. As the saying g

3 weeks ago

Shutter Hinges That Do More Than Hang Shutters

Shutter hinges are just a necessary piece of hardware to hold the shutter to the wall, right? No so. There is much more to the shutter hinge than you might imagine. A brief look at the applications and style choices should shed some light on this affordable DIY home improvement project.

3 weeks ago

Custom Fleet Management Software Development vs Generic Fleet Management Software Development

Many software development houses have a policy of "one size fits all." As a result, they attempt to convince their clients that it fuel management systems for sale is important to change their company's business processes to fit the software package instead of customizing the software package to fit the company's business processes. Is this point of view correct? Is it essential to change your company's business processes to fit a generic software package or are there other options?

Another important point to note is that management and developers at these software development houses tend to forget that a business is built around it's processes. This is what makes a company unique and provides the competitive edge in the market place. Will a company that has forced its way of doing business into generic system maintain its competitive edge, or will it become like every other company in its niche?

Customized Software, also known as bespoke or tailor-made software, is a computer program that is specially designed for a particular purpose... Customized software is written and designed to meet the client's specific business processes" In other words, custom software development does not force the client to fit his company's business processes into the generic software, but either writes a completely new package for the client, or customizes the generic package to suit the client's needs.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management is the management of all aspects relating to a company's vehicles. Fleet management can include the management of a fleet of vehicles used by the company's staff right up to a fleet of heavy vehicles used to transport goods all over the world.

What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software is a software package or system that is developed to meet the needs of companies who own a fleet of vehicles. This system usually comprises of the following components:

Vehicle tracking

Vehicle maintenance schedule

Driver behavior logs

Advanced diagnostic software which collects data on fuel consumption, distance travelled, etc.

Reporting on all aspects of the day to day management of the fleet of vehicles

Because the scope of the management of a fleet of vehicles is so broad, it fuel management system software makes sense to develop custom fleet management software to address the needs of each individual company. In my opinion, it is illogical to expect companies on both extremes to force their business rules and management processes into a generic system. Some companies only require a small system because they only own a few light motor vehicles. On the other hand, a company that owns a fleet of trucks that transport goods from one side of a continent to the other, requires a large system with many different components from time management right through to invoicing.

When considering the purchase of a fleet management system, it is crucial that you find a company that is prepared to consider the option of developing a customized fleet management software system for your business. Without this option, you might destroy the competitive edge that your business has.

4 weeks ago

Canada | Business Wire

Latin AmericaArgentinaNewspapersAgencia San Pedro de JujuyAmbito FinancieroArgentinische TageblattArte Grafico Editorial Argentino S.A. (CLARIN GLOBAL) clarin.comArte Grafico Editorial Argentino S.A.-Clarin+ OleBipp DiarioBuenos Aires HeraldBuenos Aires Herald - Editorial Amfin S.AClarin.comCr

1 month ago

The 13 women who could show Bill Cosby had a pattern

The 13 women who could show Bill Cosby had a pattern

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Did Bill Cosby drug and molest young women as part of a "signature" crime spree spanning five decades? Prosecutors preparing for his sexual-assault trial hope to call 13 of about 60 accusers to show just that.

The defense will question their relevance and attack their credibility in high-stakes pretrial hearings that start Tuesday in suburban Philadelphia.

The fallen superstar is charged over a single 2004 encounter with Andrea Constand, a former employee at Temple University. However, Pennsylvania law allows testimony about similar uncharged acts to show someone committed crimes in a distinctive,

1 month ago

Specialty’s Café & Bakery | Healthy Restaurants, Business Catering, Free Wifi, Online Lunch Ordering, Food Delivery

Phone Assistance

If you prefer to use the phone, we maintain a well trained Customer Service team

to assist you at 877.502.2837. Customer Service's hours are Mon-Fri, 5am-5:30pm PST.

1 month ago

Massage: It's real medicine -

By Kristyn Kusek Lewis

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Having your honey rub your back is sweet, but it's tough to compete with the hands of a pro. A good massage therapist can make you feel like a new person. And now research suggests massage can ease insomnia, boost immunity, prevent PMS, and more. Maybe that's why hospitals are making it a standard therapy.

"All of our surgery patients are offered the treatment -- I call it 'service with a smile' -- and it's a mandatory weekly prescription I give myself," says Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., director of the Cardiovascular Institute at New York Presbyterian Hospital--Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and a member of the b